-Get Tangled Up in ME-

*I like to write when I don’t realize I’m writing.

*I absolutely love French things

queen ❤

*Honors Student

*Horror and Romance movies are lyfe

*I love Summer and Spring (Sorry Winter) Fall is great too

*I say random things that probably make nooo sense.

*I love Christmas

-Books I Read Or have read!-

“Gossip Girl”

“Pretty Little Liars Series”

“The Lying Game”

There’s a lot more… Lol

-Social Media-

Instagram: @curly_candace


Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I hope you enjoy all of my tips and have an amazing natural hair journey! Make sure to follow my blog for email notifications! (^.^)


Love LYFE!


I first decided to go natural when i noticed that my hair was shortening from wearing extensions and extremely tight braids. In the Spring of 2014 is when i decided i wanted to go natural! I got the big chop, and now i am on with my natural hair!

Keep tabs on my blog so you can get tips, ask any questions, and get tutorials!


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