Natural Hair Advice | To Wash, CoWash, Or Not To Wash For Growth… What Is The Answer?!!

The Natural and the City

Recently, I have been trying to initiate a better, healthier growth pattern for my hair and have been exploring ways to increase my hair growth rate. I have searched through other blogs and research articles to compile some novel methods to help me achieve my next goal of reaching BSL (I am currently APL). I discovered that most of the tips I found that established a faster hair growth rate were already implemented into my regimen. I was taking vitamins that targeted hair growth, I was using oils that stimulated growth, and I was keeping my hands out of my hair (for length retention by preventing breakage). Here is more of a breakdown on my hair growth methods. The suggestions that appeared most frequently were the practices I wasn’t taking under consideration, which were periodic scalp stimulation and adding lots of moisture with water or re-wetting. My main problem with…

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