Cheap, All-natural, and Effective Hair Gel?!

the choleric mom

So if you’ve seen the picture of me on my “About Me” page, you’ve noticed that I have a sizable Afro.

Me, very pregnant, on Mother's Day in Charleston, SC Me, very pregnant, on Mother’s Day in Charleston, SC

I have embraced my natural hair since the summer of 2011. That was the time I got married and said “no” to chemical and physical straighteners.

So for the past 4 years I have spent hours searching for the right techniques and products to make my natural curls healthy and defined. This is where this post becomes relevant. My sister, Jasmine, also embraces her natural hair and has endured the same tireless search as I have. We have heard of flaxseed hair gel before, but failed to try it until now. In my excitement to try new homemade products, I found a bag of organic flaxseed on sale for $4.49. My sister was with me and I asked her if she was ready…

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