What should “I” be using on my hair?


Today, I have decided to dedicate my Tuesday’s Hair post to breaking down each natural hair type. I feel it is so important for every girl (and guys if you’re reading) to be familiar with their hair, so that they can give the best treatment, use the correct products and have the healthiest hair personally available. Inspired by my wonderful, no-name-mentioned and supportive friend who has recently had a child with afro hair, and another not sure how to tame her dryness, you know who you are… thank you for the idea. So here we go:

TYPE 4 – Afro/Kinky Hair

This is type 4C4c hair As shown by the picture, the curl pattern with 4c hair is very tight making it appear like there is almost no curl definition. It would be described as fluffy, and as some would describe it to mirror the look of cotton wool. 4C hair gets easily clumped without enough moisture, and when washed…

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