Solutions For Flaky/Stiff Styling Creams And Gels

Natural Hair Teens


   I’ve seen a lot of people having problems with gels and styling creams,so I decided to write this to wrap up this week’s posts

Let’s start with styling gels

   When I was relaxed,I used black gels,which made my hair very stiff.I couldn’t comb my hair after except I washed it off.I thought it was normal and correct. When I returned natural,I totally avoided gels & activators of all kinds.

     Most gels leave flakes & residue on hair after drying.Some provide hold but makes our hair stiff & plastered to our scalp. I hate all these problems & didn’t want to risk my hair breaking like a twig.
    I don’t recommend black gels.A colourless gel is better.These solutions are very easy & your choice depends on you.

Solutions to gels that flake & make hair stiff.

1) Make a curling pudding with the gel.


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