4 Failproof Finals Hairstyles

Quirk Queen

Me rocking my old mini twist-out in  a puff Rocking my old mini twist-out in a puff

Hey loves,

This week has been the start of the dreaded finals season… womp womp. Since I knew I’d have so little time to even study, a big concern of mine was what I should do with my hair during finals. After a few days of trial and error, I’ve come up with these 4 classic and stress free hairstyles that are perfect for finals season

1. Minitwists!

These saved me all of last week, and lasted throughout a trip home to New York and back. Plus I was able to achieve the following hairstyles because I had protected my hair for that week. (Installation takes a while, and is best done after washing and detangling but prep time after installation is virtually non existent.)

For those with a TWA: try a coil-out!

2. Goddess braids

Plait your hair into two large cornrows or…

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