Moisturizing Dry Natural Hair

Moisturizing Natural Hair Comes in different levels!

Because I’m approaching my one year natural anniversary, I have decided to write the things I’ve learned about moisturizing my hair.

So, without further ado, here we go! Let’s start off with what makes my hair DRY :


over shampooing

•Even over co-washing

•certain products that contains ingredients that do not go well with my hair. (If I go too long using these types of products without washing it out it causes build up, which means dry hair! (^.^)

• Playing with my hair too much

• Having OTHERS play with my hair too much. Omg.

• Not realizing the fact that curly hair does not feel like straight hair. Oops O.o

• too many proteins (gels, protein treatments, shampoos, and YES EVEN CONDITIONER)

So Yuh. That is what makes MY hair dry. Heh let’s go on to what makes my hair moisturized now!

Moisturized Hair Means:

Just using plain water! Yaaasss! Just using plain water makes my hair moisturized. Sometimes during my wash day, I like to wash my hair with water, to be honest, and then continue on with my moisturing regimen.

• Co-washing or rinsing with water (just keeping it hydrated!) Like mentioned above.

• satin pillowcases and bonnets means waking up with pretty hair and MOISTURIZED hair. Lol

• No heat! I haven’t used heat in my hair in almost a year now. And, yes, I am kind of, sort of, missing that straight hair life, but then I’m not, because embracing yourself rocks!

•Using warm water in my hair. not too cold, not too hot! 🙂

•deep conditioning weekly

• Last, but not least, sealing with an oil! I ALWAYS seal my hair with an oil. It’s great for my hair! I typically use evoo. I used to use Jamaican Black Castor Oil in my beginning natural stage, but then as my hair got longer, my curls got looser, and of course, the oil become THICKER. I do miss using it, but olive oil works just as well, plus its lighter! 🙂

So yeah! Those are all of my tips on moisturizing my curly natural hair! If you want information about when i did the big chop and pictures of my growth, please go to my “About” page or “Hair Journey” page. I am trying to also create a video collage of my journey!

Hopefully these tips have helped you too! And if you want more tips and tutorials, follow me! Or comment below if you need any tips!

Do you have any moisturizing do’s and dont’s that weren’t mentioned above?

Comment Below!

-CurlyCandace 🌸


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