#CurlyHairTalk: How to Style Your Curly Hair in the Winter ❄️

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What Does Winter Do to Your Hair?

-Winter weather is harsh on your hair. The cold air dries it out from its natural oils.

-It also dries out your scalp; you suffer from itchy dry scalp more in the winter.

-Dry hair = more split ends.

-Shedding: Cold air dries hair out from all it’s moisture, so your hair breaks easily and you tend to shed more.

*On the bright side, there’s little to no humidity in the winter, so your curly hair can still be great.*


Solution: The L.O.C. method helps keep your hair moisturized during the harsh winter weather. I found this method on naturallycurly.com and I’ve been doing it all winter on my curly hair and I can say that it actually works!

L = Leave-in Conditioner

O = Oil

C = Cream

You can do this method after washing your hair or when refreshing your dry hair make sure you spray it…

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