L.O.C vs L.C.O Experiment


I think I should change my name to QueenResearch…lol Been doing more research on the L.O.C. method; Liquid Oil Cream. The name of the method implies the order in which the products are to be applied to the hair.  Back to my research, I even listened to the person who created it on YouTube (see video below) . Prior to listening to her I had made up my mind about using the modified version, L.C.O., but after listening to her I can understand better now why it was put together that way.  And I’m slightly convinced that both methods will work. Now I just gotta figure out which one works best for me 🙂

Lets break this method down and how my mind wraps around it and what originally made me want to do the modified L. C. O method. Applying the liquid first is a no brainer…if it ain’t perhaps…

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