5 Simple Steps I Never Forget To Do In My Natural Hair Regimen!


Hey Curlies! ❤


Simple steps in your routine can either hurt or help your natural hair. We often talk about  products but sometimes we forget the little things in our regimen that can make a huge difference in our hair. ❤

(1.) I never forget to detangle my hair soaking wet, FULL of conditioner and with a WIDE tooth comb!


This step is ONLY for those plan to detangle your hair when it is WET: It’s so important to make sure that when you detangle your hair you do it the correct way. Dry hair is stronger than wet hair, but wet hair can be detangled with ease because it is more flexible. Remember, wet hair is FRAGILE, so it’s important to take your time and do everything with cautionWET hair that is SATURATED with conditioner will help your WIDE tooth comb or FINGERS to glide through easily. NEVER use a

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