Conditioner is the New Creamy-Crack!

Natural DRoc

conditioner creamycrack

Did you know that conditioner is the newcreamy-crack?? I was watching a hair stylist on YouTube that basically said this. What does that mean? Well, if you were one to get relaxers, as I did, then you know how vital it was to our hair regimen. It basically was a way to achieve soft, manageable hair. Conditioner is the same!

Conditioner is very important for my texture! My hair type is 4C and it is more fragile and dry than others. Conditioner is a great way to add and retain moisture. I recently learned a new tip about leaving some of the conditioner in my hair after a wash just to add that extra moisture – actually you can never apply too much conditioner to natural hair! So don’t be stingy with it!

Another thing about conditioner and my texture that I learned is that I need to do more co-wash…

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