Staple Products for Natural Hair / 4c Hair


Yes, I know. You went natural, and now you have NO idea where to start from, and for others, they result to being product junkies. Don’t do it, your hair will hate you for it.

If it’s one thing you need to know about natural hair- it is that the fewer products , the better. You don’t want to be trying out new products every single time, without learning what your hair loves and hates. I will put the products in 4 categories: Moisturises, Oils,Clarifiers and Conditioners, and Combs


I literally use 2 products that are my staple moisturisers, these are my Dr Miracles Weightless Creme and her Leave-In Conditioner  Her products are AWESOME as they are so light weight. BUT, they aren’t the best smelling products, although they get the job done. They’re also equipped with really good vitamins such as Vitamin A, and great oils too. Curl_Care_Weightless_Moisturizing_Creme_8oz__45844_1405386193_1280_1280dr-miracles-healing-leave-in-treatment-conditioner-6oz-4


I LOVE oils…

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