Easy-Peasy Detangling for Natural Hair


2014-10-13 16.26.19

Hallo people!

If we’re classifying, I’m what would be a labelled a low-maintenance natural. I mean looowwww-maintenence. I stress out as little as possible. Hence, my absolute dread of wash days. I mean abbssolllutee dread. 😀 As my hair has grown longer, the maintenance, and styling time seem to have grown exponentially 😦 Washing and detangling now stretch into houurrsss. But I have happened upon a game-changer.

A friend of mine liked a video on Google Plus. In the video, Natural85 (the YouTuber’s handle) claimed she could detangle her hair in 25 minutes (and her hair is like three times the length of mine). So, I thought I would check it out. And Boom! She made it look sooo easy. There was no way I wasn’t trying her technique (Thank you Lola King 😀 ). Here it is:

And my, my, my! The results were… Let’s just say, I…

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