Super Foods That Contain Biotin You Should Know About!


Growing your tresses long, Natural and healthy seems to be the #1 thing popping these days in the world of AFRO Hair! Every time you turn around some is posting a new potion or pill you can take to help you grow your Hair! GUILTY! LOL.. I do promote taking anything within reason that will help Healthy Hair. One of the favorite vitamins i do suggest is Biotin , also called vitamin H. Biotin is one of those key Vitamins that are needed to help assist in growing your tresses and among other things. While doing a little research i found that certain foods and snacks some of us are eating everyday contains a small amount of Biotin.This was something i was really excited about. I and a few people i know HATE to take pills. It’s either we can’t swallow the pill or we forget to take them .

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