Hair Talk! Protein Sensitive Treatment

The Young Lioness

Yeah..It’s time to post something hair related! My hair needed some TLC a couple of weeks ago and I thought why not try a homemade protein recipe. I searched through my favourite Youtube Natural Sista Naptural85 AKA Whitney’s  page and found her homemade protein sensitive recipe conditioner she made a while back. I tried it following her instructions in the video :).. It did wonders for my fro, my curls were bouncing with shine too. That is always an added bonus, oh yeah It was hard trying not eat the mixtures haha

Hair after the treatment Hair after the treatment

Ingredients that I had available are listed below,

  1. 500 ml Coconut milk
  2. Bananas
  3. Extra Virgin Olive oil
  4. Organic Argan Oil (A present all the way from Marakech..yep lucky me!)

Check out her video here 

The Young Lioness



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