Adding Moisture to Thirsty Tresses (My Night Time Regimen)

Mane Attraction

Let’s face it, we all have those thirsty hair moments (some of us more often than not) when our hair is super dry and crunchy. All hope is not lost, you’re not a natural hair FAIL! Keep calm, sip some tea (or something stronger, no one’s judging) and read this post.

Reality check: NATURAL HAIR IS NATURALLY DRY! There is no magical potion or concoction that will automatically fix your dryness for life. Sorry to disappoint you if you were expecting a one-time solution for your dryness, moisture is something you have to consistently add to your hair.

Whether I’m wearing my hair out (in an afro, or in a stretched state), or in a protective style (such as twists or braids-with no extensions), I’ll show you how I keep my hair nourished in a few easy steps. You can choose to do this every night, or on alternating…

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