My hair today…


Weeeelllll!!!! IT IS DONE!

image BC #3


Wow!!! This was the hardest one of all! I didn’t have a problem cutting all of my hair off the first two times I did it. I think mainly because I was relaxed, I didn’t do much work to get the length that I had, and I was comfortable. Comfortable…I think that’s a keyword…

However this time, I had worked HARD for the length and every bit of progress I’d made. I had put my blood, sweat, and tears into my hair for over a year!

Making that first cut took me awhile to do! But now that it’s done…BIG SIGH!!! I feel so relieved! No more stressing over my damaged hair…I’m starting from scratch!

I’m a bit anxious because although I’ve BCed before, I put a texturizer in it afterwards so I could technically treat it like relaxed hair…

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