Length, Length, Length #5 | Protective Styling.

T Scarlett

Protective styling is awesome for retaining length. The main reasons are:

Less manipulation (less breakage, less split ends)

Easier to look after

Protection against harsh weather

There are SO many protective styles out there for everyone. As long as you keep your actual hair maintained, the benefits are really cool. With every protective style, there are pros and cons. I thought I would share these with you. There are probably some styles that I’ve missed out but I hope this still helps 🙂 .


Pros:Hair is protected from harsh weather conditions. Very low manipulation.

Cons:Heat/chemical damage (when you get styles that cause you to leave some hair out). Dry hair (you can’t get to your hair/scalp properly, to moisturise it daily and keep it healthy). Also, leaving a weave in for too long will lead to dirt and tangles building up. Thinning hair and…

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