The LOC Method and Why I Don’t Use It


Hi curlies!

It seems like, in the natural world at least, once a few “popular” people in the natural world start to brag on a technique, us lesser known people (LOL) will try to hop on the bandwagon and try it along with them. Then when it doesn’t work, we wonder why it didn’t. Not everything works for every person with textured hair. Our hair textures aren’t the same, so why do we tend to think that the same technique will work?

Since I’ve entered the natural world a year and some months ago and done my research, I’ve been on a quest to longer hair. This quest has led me to many techniques for moisture retention, because as we know, keeping moisture in the hair leads to growth, or should I say, length retention. (They’re two completely different things.) The technique I’ve come across the most is the LOC…

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