Aaah yesss!!!

Its a quick ride I know you’ll enjoy… Welcome to!! We’re making a coily 360 alright today. I have cornrows 🎶🎶🎶!!!

I promised I would so here we are! I’m taking it from wash to gloss. This has by far provided the best wash routine. It takes only a few minutes to wash and little drying time. How do I do it? Keep reading…😄😄😄

I run water through the hair – feels so good! Then I put shampoo in hands, rub them together for a second and rub on my scalp in between the rows. I do this til it lathers which might take one or two applications, and make sure my scalp is clean. I do not leave out the hanging bits. I shampoo them as well. Be gentle so you don’t break your hair or pull some out.


Then I rinse the shampoo out and…

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