5 ways to keep your edges!

1. Don’t pull them back so much! It causes stress which in return often causes them to break off.

2. Include them in your moisture routine. I see a lot of people who pay their edges no attention when it comes to moisture, why? It’s hair! It gets dry! So make sure you moisturize it AND seal it in.

3. Rough brushing is a no no. Get a baby brush if you just HAVE to lay them down..

4 When you’re getting your braids and twist and etc…. installed, leave them alone. You do not have to have your edges gripped in with the rest of your hair. And if you’re just not comfortable with that look, have it done a little loose around your edge and nape line.

5. If you’re a bonnet wearer like me, you know that the scrunchy cotton inside isn’t always great. It’ll dry your…

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