How To Maintain Twist-Outs and Roller Sets in the Humid Summer Months



With summer quickly approaching, natural ladies who rely on twist outs or roller sets for bouncy curls may be cringing. The warm weather may be ideal for sun kissed skin and back yard barbecues, but it may not be so ideal for certain natural hair styles.

You spend all night washing, twisting, braiding, and rolling your hair, only to wake up and walk out of the door and into raging humidity. All efforts to keep your tresses looking fabulous seem to be in vain and you just accept whatever your hair inevitably does. This, at least for me, means that my hair will turn into a big bushy mess in 30 minutes or less.  Certainly NOT the look anyone wants to showcase in public. I think just about every natural diva has been in this situation. You probably decided right then, that there was nothing you could have done differently…

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