#FlourishTipTuesday No. 7

Flourishing Strands


Warm water opens the hair’s cuticles or pores allowing substances in, making it perfect for shampooing your hair. Cold water closes these pores which prevents any unwanted damage to be done to the hair strand. You wouldn’t leave your door open and unlocked every day, so the same works for your hair! Oh, this is also true for your SKIN too. Try it out!


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2 responses to “#FlourishTipTuesday No. 7

  1. This is exactly what doesn’t work for me. I have 4/b hair, and I did a co wash one day and used cold water to rinse. My twists came out very frizzy, and skinny. I think that the cold water closes the hair pores not allowing product (Shea butter and coconut oil) to penetrate the hair when I twisted it. I also have very porous hair. The next wash I used shampoo and a rinse out conditioner, and my twists were beautiful. No more co washes for me. Hopefully this is helpful to someone with similar hair texture.

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