Blowout Comparison: Cold vs. Hot

Simply Curl-E

Hey loves!!

I know I’ve been gone forever and a day, but I’m back! Be sure to check out and follow my Instagram page where I post more frequently. I just restarted it from scratch though, so there are only a few pictures there now. I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. I wanted to share a blowout comparison with you all. The top photo is from a blowout using cold air and the bottom is from using hot air.

Blowout with cold airBlowout with hot air

As you can see, using cold air stretched my hair less and gave me more volume. These pictures were taken two weeks apart (top-early April; bottom late March). Blowdrying your hair using cold air is a great alternative to using hot air, especially if you’re looking to reduce the amount of heat you use on your tresses. I usually blowdry my hair after parting it into six…

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