Shampooing/Cleansing Your Natural Tresses

Shuberry Haran

****This is a very broad topic. Many people wash their natural hair differently from the way I have listed. If you do not like my tips, you do not have to take them! Also, I am NOT a fan of co-washing, so there will be very little information about it. If you want me to do a blog on co-washing I will be happy to do one, but it will take awhile, because I would have to research the topic!!!!!

Washing Hair starts after you have applied your pre-poo treatment. This is the step where you rinse it out and start your cleansing process.

When to Wash?

  • This is completely up to you; some of the factors that will determine how often you wash your hair are your lifestyle, porosity, hairstyle preference, hair texture, and hair length.
  • Many naturals choose to wash every 5-10 days. Some wash once a month…

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